Governance and Public Protection Policy

Statement of intent

At V2V Community Church it is one of our central aims to promote strong healthy relationships within the family and most importantly between the individual and God. The highest priority is given to nurturing sound Biblical structure within the home and maintaining a fruitful and thriving Church community which not only protects and promotes the welfare of children and Young people but also it enhances the confidence of trust among staff, volunteers, parents/carers and the general public who walk through our doors. All are welcome to attend V2V Community Church and to this end we take proactive steps to maintain a safe and friendly environment and minimise the potential risks posed from petty criminals, opportunists or sexual predators operating in Harrow.


The necessity and responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults applies both to faith based groups and charities working in the UK. These necessary steps include a clear child protection policy and procedures for dealing with issues of concern or abuse. For the purposes of child protection legislation the term ‘child’ refers to anyone up to the age of 18 years.

We constantly review all of our procedures to make sure that it is up to date. We ensure that we are compliant with the acceptable standard of vetting required for persons working with children and vulnerable adults to increase public trust and confidence in the integrity of V2V Community Church.

All concerns, and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by the leadership, trustees, staff and volunteers and responded to appropriately – this may require a referral to children’s services and in some case the Police;

Should it become necessary It is the policy of V2V Community Church to fully cooperate with police and authorities in progressing any subsequent investigation of alleged abuse.

Staffing and volunteering

We are committed to safe recruitment, selection and vetting of all volunteers; due regard is given to principles and legislation that underpin: health and safety, anti-bullying, protection of a children online, and photography.

It is the policy of the Church to provide a secure and safe environment for all congregants attending V2V Community Church inclusive of children and vulnerable adults We will therefore not allow an adult to be left alone with a child who has not and received their DBS disclosure clearance. All staff will attend child protection training within their first six months of appointment and receive initial basic training during their induction period. This will include the procedures for spotting signs and behaviours of abuse and abusers, recording and reporting concerns and creating a safe and secure environment for the children

We provide adequate and appropriate staffing resources to meet the needs of children churchApplicants for posts within this team are clearly informed that the positions are not available for those who have not been attending V2V regularly for a minimum of Two (2) years and who’s selection and appointment is confirmed by the leadership. Workers are also exempt from the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Candidates are informed of the need to carry out checks before posts can be confirmed. Where applications are rejected because of information that has been disclosed, applicants have the right to know and to challenge incorrect informationAll DBS disclosures checks will be updated on a regular basis to ensure the suitability of the adults caring for the childrenWe ensure that Those working with children and vulnerable adults are referenced before a new member of staff commences employment with usVolunteers, including students, do not work unsupervisedWe abide by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006) requirements in respect of any person who is dismissed from our employment, or resigns in circumstances that would otherwise have led to dismissal for reasons of child protection concerAll contractors/external workers will be vetted and the leadership will request this before allowing them access to the secure areas where children or vulnerable adults frequent All visitors/contractors will still be accompanied whilst on premises.

The V2V Guardian Ministry is responsible for the health, safety and security of every pers on present during each service. Health in this context applies to spiritual and physical well being of those attending V2V Community Church. Each Guardian is trained to carry out his/her duties with the highest standard of professionalism at all times. And upon selection receive appropriate training i to enable them to meet those standards. Guardians also encourage all staff and volunteers who attend to remain watchful and vigilant and enlist the cooperation of other departments in order to avoid a breach of V2V security protocol and expose our congregation and visitors to the risk of danger, the aim being to avoid tainting the experience of attending church.

Confidentiality and Ethical Counselling

There are strict protocols for the provision of counselling at V2V community church. In the instances where this ministry is requested then a structured meeting is arranged with qualified and experienced leaders at V2V Community Church.

It is not the policy of the Church to provide one to one counselling, this is prohibited in order to ensure accountability and safeguard each party, therefore there is at all times two or where appropriate three counsellors present during these sessions. All private matters discussed during these sessions are subject to confidentiality except in cases where there is a risk of harm to the person or another party. Contemporaneous notes are kept during any such meeting.