The Greatest Adventure- Stories From The Bible- Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Part 1

The Hebrews' 40 years of wandering is over at last. Preceded by the Ark of the Covenant, they cross the river Jordan and enter the Promised Land, under the watchful eye of their new leader, Joshua. But their arrival is also observed by the Canaanites, who are determined to stop Joshua and his people. The Canaanites seem to have the edge, because their great walled fortress of Jericho is a formidable barrier to Joshua's advance. Joshua is not daunted, though, because God has sent an angel to tell him the way to overcome this obstacle. Joshua's army begins to methodically march in circles around the walls of Jericho, much to the puzzlement of his own troops as well as of the Canaanite forces within. On the seventh day, Joshua's faith in the word of God is spectacularly vindicated.