The Greatest Adventure - Stories From The Bible - Daniel and the Lion's Den Part 1

The pagan king Belshazzar has made the splendid empire of Babylon a playground for fools. The arrogant ruler goes so far as to make drunken toasts using sacred vessels seized from his Hebrew captives. This blasphemy causes God to send Belshazzar a mysterious message, written in fire on the palace walls. Unable to interpret the writing on the wall, the king calls on the Hebrew prophet Daniel or a translation. Daniel tells Belshazzar that he and his kingdom are doomed, a prophecy that is soon made true by the Persian army. Daniel's wisdom and moral strength earn the admiration of Darius, the new ruler of Babylon, but also excites jealousy among lesser men. They trick Darius into having Daniel arrested and thrown into a den of lions. Locked in a cage with these hungry beasts, Daniel's faith in God is put to the ultimate test.