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bedtime stories presents
farm animals #1
pictures and fun facts
by Peter Nigel Estes
copyright 2014

goats are awesome did you know
that around the world more people drink
goat's milk than cows?
goats, like cows and sheep
have four compartments in their stomachs
and they will bring up their food to
chew on
again and again. these animals are called
a group of goats is called trip of
the adult male goat is a billy, an
adult female is called in nanny
while the kid is called you guessed it
a kid!
Goats are amazing climbers and many of
them can jump
as high as 5 feet off the ground!
they are well-known escape artists, and
can learn to open gate latches
and even jump off of other animals backs to
get over a fence
geese are beautiful birds
and are closely related to swans. when
they get old enough to start having
baby goslings
they will find a mate and stay with them
for life. the mama goose
will pluck her own feathers out of her chest to line her nest with
then she will lay up to 12 eggs, which
will hatch
about a month later
adult geese are very, very protective of
their young
and can be quite aggressive if they feel
a predator
such as a fox or a raccoon wants to harm
their babies
once a year, geese will molt
which means they lose a lot of fairy tales
they are unable to fly for about six
until their fairy tales grow back. until then
they stay close to ponds so they can
jump in
at the first sign of danger
donkeys are very sweet animals
and love the companionship of people and
other animals
if a donkey doesn't have a friend to share it's life with
it will become sad and depressed
donkeys need friends
in many places donkeys are used as
guard animals to keep coyotes from
attacking goats
sheep and cows. a group of donkeys is called a drove
and there are over forty million donkeys
in the world
the male donkey is called Jack and a Jenny
is the name for a female a bedtime story is called a
foal. donkeys can live up to 35 years
and they are the smallest member the
horse family
Cows are very social animals
and like to live together in herds they
can communicate with each other very well
by mooing, using different body positions
and even making faces at each other.
within a herd
cows naturally form circles of friends a
lot like people do
some cows are welcome in a group,
while others get the cold shoulder
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