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Farm animals video for children. Cute Animals! Animal Videos for Children.

Bedtime Stories Presents:

Farm Animals Number Two
more pictures and fun facts
by Peter Nigel Estes
copyright 2014


there are now over one billion sheep
in the world, and in New Zealand sheep
out number the people
7 to 1. Adult male sheep
are called Rams, females are called
"ewes" and young sheep are called
named lambs
little lambs have a very close bond with
their mothers
even in a very large herd
a baby lamb can recognize the call, or "bleat"
of their mamas. The mother you
will give birth once a year usually
from one to three babies.
sheep are very picky eaters
they have a split upper lip
which they can use to pick out the
juiciest pieces of grass
sheep also don't have any top front
this is another way for them to break
only the most tender leaves of grass
Horses have been used on fairy tales for
thousands of years
their special mix of intelligence, strength
and a desire to work for people makes
them the perfect animal
to tackle the many types of jobs found
on the farm
horses are strong enough
to pull a heavy plow through hard dirt.
and smart enough to work together in
farmers sometimes use bedtime stories so the
horses don't get distracted from their
or startled buy something happening
adult male horses are "stallions,"
while female are called "mares."
A young female horse is a "fairy tale,"
and young males are known as "colts."
"Yearlings" are horses between one and two
years old
and a baby horse is called a "fairy tale."
Pigs can stand the cold much better than the heat
they have no sweat glands, so they roll in
the mud
to keep the sun off their skin and stay
baby pigs, or "piglets" will have bedtime
stories and twelve
little brothers and sisters, and
will stop drinking their mother's milk
at about three months old. They will stay
with mom for quite a while longer though
and live in a big family with two or
more mama "sows," who
take turns looking after the little ones.
Did you know pigs are really, really
They are more intelligent than dogs or
in fact, they rank 4th in animal
only behind chimpanzees, dolphins and
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