BEDTIME STORIES PRESENTS: Amazing Bible Puppet Theater #2 KIDS LOVE IT! :D

1,785 -CLICK HERE for WONDERFUL Bible stories for children told in a lighthearted, but Biblically accurate way.

Bible stories truly are the greatest stories ever told, and "Amazing Bible Puppet Theater" brings these stories to life in a unique, yet Biblically accurate way, that is as educational as it is entertaining!
Your family will be drawn into an adorable 3D world that springs off the pages of The Bible and straight into your hearts.
If you are a fan of "Veggie Tales", you'll LOVE "Amazing Bible Puppet Theater".

In "Series 1" our two stories involve the prophet Elisha:

2Kings 5:1-14
In this episode, Elisha the prophet shows Naaman, the "Big Kahuna" of the Syrian army, that God's plans are always better than man's.

2Kings 6:8-23
In this episode, the prophet Elisha demonstrates how God wants us to treat our enemies, as he shows mercy to the Syrian Army.

Told with love, and a heartwarming sense of humor, "Amazing Bible Puppet Theater" will draw your family into the Word of God in a way you'll remember for a lifetime.

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